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Utilize Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit is insurance coverage for when your customers can’t or don’t pay you.  It is protection on domestic or foreign accounts receivables for unexpected loss due to a nonpayment, slow payment or formal insolvency.

Sales Growth Trade Credit lendor financing Risk Mitigation
Safely Expand Sales to new customers, extend exposures or offer longer credit terms Streamline and enhance credit practices to prequalify, evaluate and monitor credit risk Collaterize ineligible receivables for additional access to working capital and lines of credit Protection for key customers, concentrated risks or unexpected losses that could have an impact

Additional Features

  • Customizable policy to be Key Customers, Business Segments, Single Debtor or Full Turnover
  • Online platform to access current customers and evaluate new prospects
  • Credit Reports, if desired
  • Automated oversight of AR and credit insurance program
  • Dedicated team to help manage program
  • Non-cancellable, Cancellable, Medium Term, Single Invoice coverage